Edgar’s Proof and Provision Advertorial

A version of this recently appeared in the October/November issue of South magazine’s paid advertorial section.

Southern comfort food with a Savannah twist.

With more than 15 years of culinary experience, Executive Chef Mark Santiago is no stranger to classic Southern cuisine, having worked at multiple upscale restaurants in the area prior, bringing a respect for the practice. His unique flair can be tasted right inside the storied DeSoto hotel, which takes curated bar food to new heights. From bourbon to small bites, Proof and Provision blends classic and modern to create one of Savannah’s most sough-after indoor-outdoor settings. The locally sourced, Southern comfort food menus feature items such as the Georgia Bird—a grilled or fried springer mountain farms chicken breast—and the Byo Burger. Sit inside and relax in the lively energy of the hotel above, or sit outside under the Spanish moss and quirkiness of our Hostess City.

15 East Liberty Street Savannah, Georgia / / 912.443.2000

Husk Savannah Advertorial

A version of this recently appeared in the October/November issue of South magazine’s paid advertorial section.

A passion for Southern cuisine provides strictly Southern delights.

Executive Chef Chris Hathcock, a Husk veteran—having worked at Husk Greenville since its opening, alongside Chef Jon Buck and Chef Sean Brock—maintains the philosophy of Husk by celebrating Southern ingredients and exploring the “foodways” of Coastal Georgia. He is both passionate and expressive, conceptualizing dishes that showcase a depth of flavor. Thanks to Chef Hathcock’s rich culinary expertise, the cuisine at Husk transforms the essence of Southern food and highlights the unique ingredients of Coastal Georgia. Chef Hathcock reinterprets the bounty of the surrounding area, exploring an ingredient-driven cuisine that begins in the rediscovery of heirloom products and redefines what it means to cook and eat in Savannah. The location itself is unique and charmingly Savannah. Located right in the heart of Savannah’s Landmark Historic District, 12 W. Oglethorpe Avenue speaks to a modern and minimalist theme. The second floor is home to a spectacular Husk Bar and raw bar, with handcrafted cocktails from Bar Manager Kevin King. The combination of the ambiance and the celebration of the food grown in this region provides a true taste of Savannah.

12 W. Oglethorpe Avenue Savannah, Georgia | | 912.349.2600

Richmond Hill City Center Advertorial

A version of this recently appeared in the October/November issue of South magazine’s paid advertorial section.

Five-star culinary experience in a historic countryside setting.

Located on more than 300 acres of serene, natural wetlands, and only 20 minutes from Downtown Savannah, Richmond Hill City Center is the areas most central venue for gatherings and events on the whole of the Georgia coast.

With award-winning Executive Chef Kevin Nape, his phenomenal culinary star and seasoned banquet team on property, they can prepare a culinary experience for a variety of specialty events, including weddings, social gatherings, corporate events, and more.

Executive Chef Kevin Nape.

Richmond Hill City Center is also equipped with their own herb garden, free parking, multiple private rooms, and several different menu styles, all while overlooking their gorgeous extended garden.

Take a short drive over from Savannah on Tuesdays and Fridays when they open their doors to allow the public to get a taste for what they have to over. | 912.445.0043 | 520 Cedar Street Richmond Hill, Georgia

HAZA Advertorial

A version of this recently appeared in the August/September issue of South magazine’s paid advertorial section.

Why Joining an Art Gallery Network Can Be an Investment

One thing gallery owner and curator Christina Maria Zanetti hears frequently is that Savannah never had a high-end art gallery that’s easily accessible to the public. That’s why the New York City native decided to open HAZA, Savannah’s first carefully curated, high-end, available-to-the-public art gallery.

“Everyone that comes to HAZA says it’s something incredible that Savannah has been in dire need of,” Zanetti says. “It’s not a shop that happens to sell artwork or a retail space. It’s an immersive experience, a legitimate, back-to-basics art gallery.”

All eight artists featured in HAZA are exclusive to the gallery and represented by Zanetti, who creates a capacity in which the artists can conceive their most passionate and fulfilling works.

There is more to joining HAZA’s vast network of artists and art lovers that isn’t just about enjoying and viewing beautiful art; it’s about an investment and that, Zanetti explains, is what sets HAZA apart from other galleries.

“What I always tell my clients is that art is an investment,” she says. “Yes, it can be beautiful, but there’s also an opportunity for clients to make a return, whether at auction or a private sale, of course guided by the gallery.”

When you visit HAZA, you enter an artistic relationship that always ends in friendship.

“It’s not just about business,” Zanetti says. “It’s about building meaningful relationships, with both clients and artists, that are based on a shared love for the arts and the human experience.” | 912.509.0945

The Rat on Bull Advertorial

A version of this recently appeared in the August/September issue of South magazine’s paid advertorial section.

Taking Care of Yourself Is Essential to Your Style

issue 74 style_Part115.jpg
Co-owners Stephen White, Courtney Broaden, and Tony Thomas | Photo by Blake Crosby

The world is always changing and so is fashion. But one thing that doesn’t change is the need for high quality clothes that will not only last a lifetime, but will adhere to your own personal style.

“You can shop at a big box store, but those products won’t last as long as the products from the brands we carry,” says Stephen White, owner of The Rat on Bull. “Every piece of clothing you can find at The Rat on Bull are of the highest care and intention. They can be washed one hundred times and you’ll never lose the quality, the fit, or the tailoring.”

And the quality, the fit, and tailoring are just what you don’t want to lose from the products you can find at The Rat on Bull, Savannah’s newest urban menswear and apothecary shop. “It’s a unique mix of styles that’s a bit tough to describe without the full experience of the shop”, explains White.

“The clothes you find here are a mix of what you might see at a surf shop, but also out on the streets of Tokyo,” White says. “Our personal styles are eclectic because we appreciate cultural influences from all over the world. We love loud prints, but we also really like a clean, monochromatic look.”

No matter who you are or what your style, The Rat on Bull will always have something to fit your needs.

“We are the kind of place where anybody— no matter who you are—can come in and find something unique to them,” says co-owner Tony Thomas.

It’s not just about clothes, either. Finding enjoyable ways to take care of yourself and reflect your personal style back is an imperative value of the store. •

“Everything we sell is to help each individual curate their appearance, their space—anything to reflect their own personality,” White says. The shop specializes in products for the mind, body, soul, and home and will soon house experiential pop-up workshops for grooming, fragrance building, leather-working, and bowtie making, to name a few. | 912.999.6328 | 1612 Bull Street, Savannah, Georgia

Above & Beyond Advertorial

A version of this recently appeared in the August/September issue of South magazine’s paid advertorial section.

How Investing In Your Ride Can Better Your Attitude

In the age of ride-sharing and transportation dilemmas, you may think spending the minimum on transportation won’t make a difference. But according to Hollis Johnson, CEO of Above and Beyond, spending a few extra dollars on a luxury transportation service can actually improve your disposition and overall make you happier.

The name “Above and Beyond”—which originated from Johnson’s daughter pointing out that he is always going above and beyond for people—isn’t nugatory; going above and beyond is exactly what Johnson and his fleet bring to the table. Luxury, he explains, is knowing that you’re in good hands.

“I just love to see people sit back and enjoy themselves,” he says. “Sometimes they’ll even fall asleep, which lets me know that they clearly and truly feel like they are in good hands. You can’t fall asleep when you don’t feel 100 percent safe.

So what’s the difference between a ride from Above and Beyond and a ride from a ridesharing app? Quality. Reassurance. 100 percent customer service.

“We’re a high end company,” Johnson explains, “but I’ve had people ask me to stop by the store on the way home so they could get a bag of chips. So I stopped by the store and I got that customer a bag of chips. Luxury means going the extra mile so you can enjoy yourself.

Safety is one of Above and Beyond’s highest priorities. When the Georgia Department of Transportation comes to inspect their fleet of vehicles, it only takes inspectors 45 minutes to inspect all 32 of his vehicles, whereas it would normally take three to four hours to inspect just one. It’s all because each car is new and in pristine condition.

At the end of the day, investing in what would seem like such a simple aspect of your life could be the difference between being happy and not.

“It’s all about luxury,” Johnson says. “Luxury is part of knowing that you’re in good hands.” | 912.236.9114 | 15 Westgate Blvd., Savannah, Georgia