On POINT by Stephanie Tatum

On POINT: 6 Steps to Set Up a Strategic Plan That Works by Stephanie Tatum can be purchased here.


Do you need to develop a strategic plan for your organization, but are unsure of where to start?

The task of creating a strategic plan for your organization has fallen into your lap, but you’ve never been good at putting thoughts to paper. You’re more of a visionary planner. When it comes to formulating your vision into words in a strategic plan, you get nervous. You could ask for help, but you fear your coworkers and boss would see you as a failure. But developing a strategic plan that identifies your organization’s purpose, goals, actions, steps, and systems doesn’t have to be stressful.

Author Stephanie Tatum is a former educator and program developer responsible for creating policy, strategic plans, standard operating procedures, and oversight for state governmental redesigns of organizational structures. In On POINT: Six Steps to Set Up a Strategic Plan That Works, she will show you:

  • Examples of outlining an organization description
  • How to plan, organize, implement, and network
  • Steps to identify your purpose, mission, vision, goals, and objectives
  • Guidelines to create actions steps and a timeline
  • Direction for selecting team members to complete tasks
  • Systems for updating and revising your strategic plan

Your organization isn’t the only one in need of organization; you are too. Get started on your strategic plan today!