Death Is Not Goodbye by Kim Weaver

Death Is Not Goodbye: Connect with Your Loved Ones Again by Kim Weaver can be purchased here.


Are you ready to communicate with your loved ones in the afterlife?

Do you dream of connecting with your deceased loved ones? Do you have a strong desire to develop your mediumship skills but have no idea where to start? Are you unsure if you even have the necessary spiritual abilities? You absolutely do, and you can learn the skills necessary to communicate with your loved ones once again and find peace knowing they are close by.

There are a myriad of beliefs and misconceptions about the spirit world that can block one’s spiritual development. Since her childhood, psychic medium, spiritual coach, and author Kim Weaver has had a strong connection to the spirit world. Now, she shares this profound knowledge with others to help them also connect with those who have passed on.

In Death Is Not Goodbye, Kim will teach you how to:

  • Connect with deceased loved ones quickly, easily, and immediately
  • Recognize communication from the other side
  • Develop a clear link with Spirit
  • Test your results for validation
  • Establish confidence in your abilities

Losing a loved one can take a toll on you. If you’re ready to find peace and solace, read Death Is Not Goodbye today and discover ways to reconnect with your deceased loved ones; they’re waiting for you!