The Spiritual Entrepreneur by Angelina Lombardo

The Spiritual Entrepreneur: Quantum Leap Into Your Next Level of Impact and Abundance by Angelina Lombardo can be purchased here.


Are you ready to leverage your spirituality in your pursuit of entrepreneurship?

Are you ready to build and sustain your business using your entire brain, body, and spirit to serve the world? Are you ready to materialize your dreams and gifts, and monetize them successfully?

Bestselling author and “entrepreneur whisperer” Angelina Lombardo knows what it’s like to leverage the power and innate passion deep inside to create a dream business.

In The Spiritual Entrepreneur: Quantum Leap Into Your Next Level of Impact and Abundance, Angelina will share with you her story of going from victim to victor and employee to spiritual boss babe. In order to clear internal and external distractions so you can fulfill your goals, she will teach you how to:

  • Stop worrying about the career you should have and achieve the one you want
  • Get your thoughts out of the way so you can pursue your dreams fearlessly
  • Ignore the advice and cultural dogma that focus on your weaknesses and celebrate your strengths
  • Learn how to use your fear as your ally and not your enemy
  • Become the leader you always knew you were by believing in yourself

If you’re ready to pivot with the grace of Buddha and create the business of your dreams, join Angelina as she teaches you how to stop faking it till you make it and actually take the steps to success today.