Too Smart to Be Struggling by Dr. Veronica Anderson

Too Smart to Be Struggling by Dr. Veronica Anderson can be purchased here.


Do you struggle with physician burnout and think about quitting medicine?

You can go from feeling emotionally exhausted, cynical, detached, and unaccomplished to having a fulfilling and lucrative career helping patients heal. If you are serious about getting out of the cumbersome and inefficient system with hectic and irregular schedules, feeling socially isolated, and lacking control and autonomy in your current healthcare environment, you need a change.

Dr. Veronica Anderson overcame physician burnout and went on to coach hundreds of others through their crisis so they could answer the question that haunted them: “Should I quit medicine?”

In Too Smart to Be Struggling: The Guide for Over-Scheduled Doctors to Find Happiness (and Make More Money, Too) , you will learn:

  • How to spend less time at work so you can clear your head
  • How to define your unique secret sauce to get over feeling like just another cog in the machine
  • How to give yourself a raise, even if you are an employee or stuck in an insurance practice
  • How to gain respect from employers, colleagues, and staff by inventorying your passions, gifts, and talents
  • How to gain more control and autonomy over your career
  • The four-step process to having a fulfilling and thriving career in months

You know that you are ready to reclaim joy in your work, have time for family and hobbies, and get back your good health. Too Smart to Be Struggling is not just another report. It’s the solution.