Keeping Well by Brittany Wisniewski

Keeping Well: An Anti-Cancer Guide to Remain in Remission by Brittany Wisniewski can be purchased here.


Do you live in fear of cancer?

Did you know that only five to ten percent of all cancer cases can be attributed to genetics, leaving the remaining ninety to ninety-five percent to environmental and lifestyle factors? Cancer is a cry for help from the body, asking you to clean up its terrain. Remain in remission by keeping its cries at bay using the body detoxification and rejuvenation techniques that Brittany Wisniewski has spent years discovering.

After losing her mother to breast cancer, Brittany Wisniewski, a detoxification specialist, passionately dedicated her life to learning about cancer prevention and healing. She is the founder of Keep Well, a non-profit whose mission is to fund holistic care for cancer patients.

In Keeping Well: An Anti-Cancer Guide to Remain in Remission, you will learn:

  • How to decrease your cancer risk and increase the probability of remaining in remission
  • How to detox the body of cancer-causing factors
  • How to recover from post-cancer treatment and rejuvenate the body for optimal health
  • The ten most cancer-causing factors in your life and how to change them
  • Tips and tricks to stay on course while enjoying life to its fullest

Join Brittany as she helps you to take the first step toward an anti-cancer lifestyle today!