Find Your Beloved by Rosine Kushnick

Find Your Beloved: Your Guide to Attract True Love by Rosine Kushnick can be purchased here.


Do you deserve to find true love?

Are you tired of waiting, hoping, and wondering whether or not your beloved will ever show up? Do you talk yourself into preferring loneliness so you don’t have to deal with predictable heartaches? Or did your last relationship leave such a bitter or painful aftertaste that you have yet to figure out how to heal? It is not too late to find your beloved and open the doors to a whole new chapter of your life.

For more than thirty years, Rosine Kushnick has studied and practiced meditation and various healing methods to help women from all over the world to find their beloveds through her uniquely designed programs and workshops. She is a pioneer in the arena of creating new ways to relate, connect, and belong in the sacred web that connects humanity.

In Find Your Beloved: Your Guide to Attract True Love, you will learn:

  • How to resolve the pain from your last relationship
  • How to bid loneliness farewell, and open the doors to a deeply fulfilling partnership
  • How to become the architect of your love life
  • How to discover the real reason why your true love has not yet shown up
  • Why your lovability is not the reason for your loneliness

You already know you want to find true love. Now, allow Rosine to help you find the love that you deserve.