It’s Hard by S. Sequoia Stafford

It’s Hard!: Sexual Satisfaction Secrets to Beat Erectile Dysfunction S. Sequoia Stafford can be purchased here.


Do you want to climax with ease?

Is climaxing getting you down and out because it’s just too difficult? Are you feeling worry, doubt, and embarrassment because you’re not sure if you can get it up when your woman finally wants to? Have you been dealing with erectile dysfunction for too long? Feeling scared is natural, especially when all the alternatives promise quick fixes, with solutions that never work and take the pleasure out of the event.

With more than twenty years of transformational studies and practiced experience, S. Sequoia Stafford has worked with hundreds of men to climax without working so hard. Using her experience as an author, speaker, and master healer, she developed the It’s Hard method, which fixes erectile dysfunction and puts you back in the driver’s seat of your erection.

In It’s Hard!: Sexual Satisfaction Secrets to Beat Erectile Dysfunction, you will learn:

  • How to get up and stay up
  • How to be truly present in order to connect with your lover
  • How to have sex as often as you wish
  • How to exchange energy with your lover correctly
  • How to clean up your past to enjoy your present

If you’re ready to beat erectile dysfunction for good, join Sequoia as she lays out her sexy, seductive method to climax without working so hard.