BAD (Begin Again Differently) by Claudette Yarbrough

BAD (Begin Again Differently): 7 Smart Processes to Win Again after Suffering a Business Loss by Claudette Yarbrough can be purchased here.


Are you struggling with what to do next after suffering a significant loss with your nonprofit?

Are you not quite ready to give up on your dream of serving the community you love? At this time in your life, any thoughts of starting over can seem like a hill that is too high to climb, but just because you’ve lost a lot doesn’t mean you have to be lost.

In this inspiring guide to starting over again after suffering a major loss, Claudette Yarbrough will empower you to use the 7 Smart Processes that led her to “restart” her nonprofit after she lost her annual $4 million contract after eighteen years. Claudette will teach you how to make a comeback when you acknowledge and embrace your failure.

In BAD (Begin Again Differently): 7 Smart Processes to Win Again, you will learn:

  • How to embrace the power of believing again
  • How to find your organization’s new “why” for existing
  • The value of over-communicating
  • How to find the decisiveness needed to make good decisions
  • How to cultivate rock stars for your team
  • How to use the power of motivating yourself to get back on the right track

If you need to restart your organization after failure, BAD (Begin Again Differently) will be your essential guide to navigating the changes needed to triumph over your loss.