PTSD and a Drug-Free Me by Catherine Scherwenka

PTSD and a Drug-Free Me: Get Real about Handling Trauma without Abusing Drugs, Alcohol, or Prescription Meds by Catherine Scherwenka can be purchased here.


Get real about handling PTSD without abusing drugs, alcohol, or prescription meds!

Do you ever feel stuck, as if you can’t move past the traumatic experience that took a piece of your life away? You’ve become so good at the “cover-up” that you’ve managed to somehow forget who you really are or what makes you tick. You need a path that leads you from feeling lost and discouraged back to a place where you feel alive again.

Traditional talk therapies and prescription drugs left Catherine Scherwenka, body, mind, and spirit expert, frustrated and numb after living through the traumatic experience of 9/11. After embarking on her own inner journey of healing, she discovered an alternative way to overcome her own trauma and PTSD. She is now on a journey to help others heal as well.

In PTSD and a Drug-Free Me, you will learn how to:

  • Take back your time and space that the PTSD and medication took away from you
  • Bring back a deeper sense of connection, meaning, and purpose to your relationships
  • Turn the PTSD symptoms into fuel for feeling better
  • Feel more present and connected to your body without being afraid
  • Discover the drug-free medication you’ve been searching for

You already know you need to change your stream of thought from, “What’s wrong with life?” to, “What’s great?” Now, join Catherine on a journey to take the next steps toward healing!