Leverage by Linda Vang

Leverage: The Guide to End Your Binge Eating by Linda Vang can be purchased here.


Are you ready to stop binge eating and take back your life?

Are you sick and tired of telling yourself that you will finally take control of your binge eating habits tomorrow, next week, or next year? Even when it feels like you have it all together, living with the frustration of binge eating will often drain your energy, focus, and motivation. It can make you feel like your world is spinning out of control.

Leverage dives into the frustration and complication that binge eating can create in your daily life. Linda Vang outlines the tools and daily routines that are essential to breaking the habit of binge eating. Most importantly, she will teach you how to make an impact in the way you think, the choices you make, and the success that will follow you.

In Leverage, you’ll learn:

  • How to get yourself out of the endless cycle of binge eating
  • How to stop giving into temptations and cravings
  • How to get to a place where you don’t have to feel guilty for eating after every meal
  • Why binge eating can constantly cause you to feel worn out and drained out
  • Why you can’t seem to stay motivated and focused
  • Why God doesn’t seem to hear you when willpower just isn’t enough

You already know that your binge eating must come to an end. Now, allow Linda Vang to help put a plan in motion to end it once and for all.