If I’m so Zen, Why Is My Hair Falling Out? by Amanda Lera

If I’m so Zen, Why Is My Hair Falling Out?: How Past Trauma and Anxiety Manifest in the Physical Body by Amanda Lera can be purchased here.


Grow your hair back for good without breaking the bank!

If you have a random bald spot or unexplained patchy, thinning hair, you are not alone. You can stop wasting your time with undiagnosed doctor appointments, costly medications, hair growth treatments, stressful self-diagnosis from the internet, time-consuming home remedies, and meticulous updos to hide that embarrassing bald spot. You can finally stop hiding, obsessively checking the mirror, and dodging humiliating questions like, “Oh my God, what happened?” or, “Do you know you have a bald spot?”

After spending a year meeting with doctors, naturopaths, dermatologists, and trying every fad hair growth product on the market only to have another patch of hair fall out, Amanda Lera knew there had to be another way. The tools Amanda implements in If I’m So Zen, Why Is My Hair Falling Out? will teach you how to:

  • Regrow your hair fast without expensive, smelly treatments, or harmful medications
  • Identify the true cause of your hair loss
  • Prevent hair loss from happening again
  • Grow fuller, longer, and healthier hair than before
  • Relieve your anxiety and rebuild your confidence
  • Break up with WebMD for good

If you’re ready to take your confidence back and regrow your hair for good, let Amanda guide you through the healing and regrowth process in If I’m so Zen, Why Is My Hair Falling Out?