Tips on Starting Young with Myles Truitt

A version of this recently appeared in October/November issue of South magazine.

Teen star Myles Truitt explains his advantage as a child actor.  

In typical Hollywood fashion, “Kin,” the 2018 science fiction action film starring Dennis Quaid, James Franco and Myles Truitt, has proven once again that film can imitate reality, and it’s learning by imitation that perfects an actor’s talent.

Similar to how Truitt’s character, 14-year-old Eli Solinski, discovers a secret weapon, Truitt has discovered his own secret weapon in real life: acting.

At just 11 years old, Truitt started his acting career at an Atlanta theater camp, and by 16 was working on feature films with Dennis Quaid and Donald Glover. And it’s starting at a young age that gives him an advantage to others in the industry.

“[You] get a lot of information at a young age,” Truitt says. “[Starting early] is a huge advantage because not only do I have Dennis Quaid helping me with acting tips, but I have Zoë Kravitz and James Franco, who have all helped me learn to focus.”

Through working with such big name stars, Truitt’s career is on the upward; his next movie, “Dragged Across Concrete,” features Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn.