Savannah Food and Wine Festival Announces Ultimate Pitmaster Collaboration

A version of this recently appeared in October/November issue of South magazine.

Two pitmaster legends. Two unique styles. One ultimate collaboration.

Nothing is more different than eastern barbecue and western barbecue. That’s why two legendary pitmasters, Pat Martin and Sam Jones, are bringing their world famous cooking styles to the 2018 Savannah Food and Wine Festival (November 5-11) for the ultimate pitmaster collaboration. Each pitmaster will prepare a whole hog in their own styles, along with a variety of their own signature sides. Get ready to pig-out!

Sam Jones, a third-generation whole-hog barbecuer who was named one of the “Top Ten Pitmasters of the South” by “Southern Living,” has stayed true to his roots and wood-cooked Eastern North Carolina style. The technique and flavor of his craft is classically unique; its salted carcass results in a crispy exterior that is chopped very fine. Jones explains it as, “a flavor explosion in your mouth,” while others would explain it as gastronomical perfection. In 2015, Jones opened a new restaurant, Sam Jones BBQ, to cement his future in Eastern North Carolina barbecue.

Pat Martin, featured on the Food Network, Travel Channel, Cooking Channel, and the Today Show—to name a few—has established himself as a staple in the western barbecue community. His passion for the art and craft of the endangered West Tennessee-style of smoke and meat proves his dedication. His style uses a “succulent rub” on the whole hog—and is pulled, not chopped. Due to the economic and time allocation it takes to cook a whole hog, many of the pit joints between Memphis and Nashville have shut down, yet seven of Martin’s still run successfully. 

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