HAZA Advertorial

A version of this recently appeared in the August/September issue of South magazine’s paid advertorial section.

Why Joining an Art Gallery Network Can Be an Investment

One thing gallery owner and curator Christina Maria Zanetti hears frequently is that Savannah never had a high-end art gallery that’s easily accessible to the public. That’s why the New York City native decided to open HAZA, Savannah’s first carefully curated, high-end, available-to-the-public art gallery.

“Everyone that comes to HAZA says it’s something incredible that Savannah has been in dire need of,” Zanetti says. “It’s not a shop that happens to sell artwork or a retail space. It’s an immersive experience, a legitimate, back-to-basics art gallery.”

All eight artists featured in HAZA are exclusive to the gallery and represented by Zanetti, who creates a capacity in which the artists can conceive their most passionate and fulfilling works.

There is more to joining HAZA’s vast network of artists and art lovers that isn’t just about enjoying and viewing beautiful art; it’s about an investment and that, Zanetti explains, is what sets HAZA apart from other galleries.

“What I always tell my clients is that art is an investment,” she says. “Yes, it can be beautiful, but there’s also an opportunity for clients to make a return, whether at auction or a private sale, of course guided by the gallery.”

When you visit HAZA, you enter an artistic relationship that always ends in friendship.

“It’s not just about business,” Zanetti says. “It’s about building meaningful relationships, with both clients and artists, that are based on a shared love for the arts and the human experience.” | 912.509.0945