The Rat on Bull Advertorial

A version of this recently appeared in the August/September issue of South magazine’s paid advertorial section.

Taking Care of Yourself Is Essential to Your Style

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Co-owners Stephen White, Courtney Broaden, and Tony Thomas | Photo by Blake Crosby

The world is always changing and so is fashion. But one thing that doesn’t change is the need for high quality clothes that will not only last a lifetime, but will adhere to your own personal style.

“You can shop at a big box store, but those products won’t last as long as the products from the brands we carry,” says Stephen White, owner of The Rat on Bull. “Every piece of clothing you can find at The Rat on Bull are of the highest care and intention. They can be washed one hundred times and you’ll never lose the quality, the fit, or the tailoring.”

And the quality, the fit, and tailoring are just what you don’t want to lose from the products you can find at The Rat on Bull, Savannah’s newest urban menswear and apothecary shop. “It’s a unique mix of styles that’s a bit tough to describe without the full experience of the shop”, explains White.

“The clothes you find here are a mix of what you might see at a surf shop, but also out on the streets of Tokyo,” White says. “Our personal styles are eclectic because we appreciate cultural influences from all over the world. We love loud prints, but we also really like a clean, monochromatic look.”

No matter who you are or what your style, The Rat on Bull will always have something to fit your needs.

“We are the kind of place where anybody— no matter who you are—can come in and find something unique to them,” says co-owner Tony Thomas.

It’s not just about clothes, either. Finding enjoyable ways to take care of yourself and reflect your personal style back is an imperative value of the store. •

“Everything we sell is to help each individual curate their appearance, their space—anything to reflect their own personality,” White says. The shop specializes in products for the mind, body, soul, and home and will soon house experiential pop-up workshops for grooming, fragrance building, leather-working, and bowtie making, to name a few. | 912.999.6328 | 1612 Bull Street, Savannah, Georgia