Above & Beyond Advertorial

A version of this recently appeared in the August/September issue of South magazine’s paid advertorial section.

How Investing In Your Ride Can Better Your Attitude

In the age of ride-sharing and transportation dilemmas, you may think spending the minimum on transportation won’t make a difference. But according to Hollis Johnson, CEO of Above and Beyond, spending a few extra dollars on a luxury transportation service can actually improve your disposition and overall make you happier.

The name “Above and Beyond”—which originated from Johnson’s daughter pointing out that he is always going above and beyond for people—isn’t nugatory; going above and beyond is exactly what Johnson and his fleet bring to the table. Luxury, he explains, is knowing that you’re in good hands.

“I just love to see people sit back and enjoy themselves,” he says. “Sometimes they’ll even fall asleep, which lets me know that they clearly and truly feel like they are in good hands. You can’t fall asleep when you don’t feel 100 percent safe.

So what’s the difference between a ride from Above and Beyond and a ride from a ridesharing app? Quality. Reassurance. 100 percent customer service.

“We’re a high end company,” Johnson explains, “but I’ve had people ask me to stop by the store on the way home so they could get a bag of chips. So I stopped by the store and I got that customer a bag of chips. Luxury means going the extra mile so you can enjoy yourself.

Safety is one of Above and Beyond’s highest priorities. When the Georgia Department of Transportation comes to inspect their fleet of vehicles, it only takes inspectors 45 minutes to inspect all 32 of his vehicles, whereas it would normally take three to four hours to inspect just one. It’s all because each car is new and in pristine condition.

At the end of the day, investing in what would seem like such a simple aspect of your life could be the difference between being happy and not.

“It’s all about luxury,” Johnson says. “Luxury is part of knowing that you’re in good hands.” | 912.236.9114 | 15 Westgate Blvd., Savannah, Georgia