Step Into the Past with 10 Must-Visit Antique Stores in Savannah

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If there’s one thing the city of Savannah does best, it’s retaining and refurbishing its extensive history. From the well-maintained Victorian homes and refurbished churches to the cobblestone streets and historic squares, Savannah is the true definition of both antique and vintage. Where better to go antique shopping than right here in the Hostess City? Here are 10 of the most eclectic antique and vintage shops you must visit.

Victory Antiques and Collectibles


Victory Antiques and Collectibles offers a handwritten story explaining the origins of some of their rare items. Photo by Cory Hott.

Housed in one of the oldest buildings on Victory Drive, Victory Antiques and Collectibles is more than an antique store. Here you will find anything from contemporary artwork to rare Art Nouveau paintings. Fine furniture, furs, vintage bric-a-brac and antique collectibles line the various halls and rooms. Unlike most other antique and vintage stores, many pieces here have a handwritten story attached explaining the objects’ origins. Hanging from the ceilings you will find a variety of chandeliers sourced from all over the country. They also offer a variety of classes for restoration newbies and experts alike.

Victory Antiques and Collectibles is located at 1650 E. Victory Drive.

Wright Square Vintage & Retro Mall

With more than 30 dealers, Wright Square Vintage & Retro Mall has a little something for everyone. Specializing in vintage and retro rather than plain old antiques, you can find everything from cameras to records, clothing to furniture, books and a variety of signage. They are extremely price-conscious and always have competitive prices. Here, you won’t have to worry about finding meaningless junk. Owner Andy Sher’s rule of thumb for his vendors: “If you have to dust it, it isn’t for us.”

Wright Square Vintage & Retro Mall is located at 14 W. State Street.

Books on Bay

Books on Bay doesn’t just have a wide collection of vintage books, they’ll also deliver books. Photo by Cory Hott.

Remember the days of curling up under the covers with a good book? Books on Bay does, and they want you to, too. Their collection of vintage books spans more than three centuries, with their oldest book from the 1500s. From adventure to children’s books, poetry to religion, Nancy Grace to the Hardy Boys and even Civil War and the South, you can find a book for just about any interest. They’ll even deliver a book to your hotel! Books on Bay is the perfect place to celebrate reading while stepping into the past.

Books on Bay is located at 224 W. Bay Street.

Universe Trading Co.

This eclectic shop is the perfect place to find the antique items you didn’t know you needed. Their selection—acquired from all over the world—includes pottery, bird girl statuaries, paintings and other artworks, home décor, dinosaur statues and other knick-knacks. Keep an eye out for their special collection of carefully selected, skillfully crafted European furniture.

Universe Trading Co. is located at 352 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Alex Raskin’s Antiques

Alex Raskins. Photo by Cory Hott

Described by the New York Times as “the Ikea antidote,” Alex Raskin’s Antiques has more than 13,000 square feet of shopping space. Located in the Noble Hardee Mansion and taking up each of the building’s four floors, you can find anything from old, unusual decorative furniture, accessories, paintings, oriental rugs and more. Their oldest piece is from the 1500s, while their most recent is from 1967. As owner Alex Raskin puts it, “You can find the best things in the poorest shops.”Alex Raskin’s Antiques is located at 441 Bull Street.

The Vicar’s Wife

Located in the heart of the Starland District, the Vicar’s Wife focuses on anything vintage rather than antique. The Vicar himself says this distinction is important; vintage is any antique that has been refurbished or altered. Their inventory ranges from statement Victoriana furniture, jewelry, lightings, trunks and cases and funky vintage novelties. All of the store’s pieces are carefully handpicked and inspected by the vicar’s wife herself to make sure it is top quality for her customers.

The Vicar’s Wife is located at 2430 Bull Street.

Two Women and a Warehouse

Two Women and a Warehouse is Savannah’s own funky alternative to traditional antique malls. Photo by Cory Hott.

Two Women and a Warehouse is Savannah’s funky alternative to traditional antique malls. With more than 7,000 square feet of space and more than 30 vendors, you can find anything from mid-century home décor to handcrafted items and even Maison Blanche, a paint created specifically for vintage furniture. Their pieces and inventory come from picking trips all over the country, so you’ll never be without a fascinating find that has an interesting story.

Two Women and a Warehouse is located at 2819 Bull Street.

Habersham Antique Market and Collectibles

Habersham Antique Market and Collectibles has more than 60 dealers that specialize in various antiques. Photo by Cory Hott.

Located in the former Smith Brothers Butcher Shop—one of Savannah’s first grocery stores—Habersham Antique Market and Collectibles uses not only its history, but also its collection of rarities and antiques to retain the classic, antiquated feel. Habersham Antiques has more than 60 dealers that specialize in estate items, English and French antiques, original artworks, fine china, oriental carpets and much more.

Habersham Antique Market and Collectibles is located at 2502 Habersham Street.

Sandfly Market Place

Located in the charming Sandfly neighborhood, Sandfly Market Place is home to all things nostalgic, but always remarkable. Throughout the marketplace’s 12,000 square feet of space and countless nooks and crannies, you can find anything from furniture to home décor, unique handmade items to jewelry and even taxidermy. With a variety of vendors coming and going, you never know what you’re going to find.

Sandfly Market Place is located at 8511 Ferguson Avenue.

Picker Joe’s Antique Mall & Vintage Market

Picker Joe’s offers their own premium coffee while you browse their vintage selection. Photo by Cory Hott.

Fresh to the antique store scene, Picker Joe’s Antique Mall & Vintage Market is a must-visit if vintage is your style. Throughout the halls and different vendor’s booths, you’ll find signage, dining-ware, books, restoration products, lighting, furniture, artwork and even an architectural room with arc salvage. They even offer a premium locally roasted coffee. Picker Joe’s definitely makes good on their promise: “An experience like no other.”

Picker Joe’s Antique Mall & Vintage Market is located at 217 E. 41st Street.