CORY HOTT is a ghostwriter, book editor, humorist, and superb parallel parker. But more importantly, he’s a storyteller. He believes that storytelling should be at the heart of any form of writing because humans are inherently and unwillingly captivated by stories. 

Cory Hott

Cory lives in Hollywood, Los Angeles, where he is a full-time ghostwriter and book editor. Legally, he can’t tell you the books he has ghostwritten (that’s the downside of being a ghostwriter), but what he can tell you is that you probably know a few of the titles he’s written. And if you don’t know them, he’ll be sad. 

Preferring to work behind the curtain instead of in the spotlight, he has a passion for helping thought leaders and celebrities bring their ideas to the written word. When he’s not ghostwriting, he edits nonfiction books for self-help publishing houses. 

Cory is the former managing editor of South magazine and a managing editor at The Author Incubator.

He has edited more than 150 books, and his journalism and nonfiction essays have appeared in Artemis, District, Port City Review, Savannah.com, South magazine, and most of his college professor’s trashcans.

He graduated—God willing—from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a B.F.A. in writing and a minor in creative writing.

In his spare time, Cory is the patron saint of bad attitudes.

Cory once asked his parents for a vasectomy for his graduation gift. They gave him cash instead. Follow Cory on Twitter and Instagram at @FreeCorinthia. Please send any hate mail to cory@coryhott.com or to his lawyer. You can look up his lawyer’s contact information yourself.

Praise for Cory Hott

“Outstanding writer. Okay person.” -Wanda, Cory’s grandmother

“Cory shows a solid command of the techniques [of writing] and a willingness to push himself.” -Jonathan Rabb, professor at Savannah College of Art and Design

“Who?” -Mrs. Neilson, Cory’s next door neighbor

“There are few humans in this world who have the ability to look into the soul of an author, recognize their greatness, and pull it out to make it shine for the world to see. Cory has this ability, and I’m so honored to be the recipient of his mad editorial ninja magic.” -Debra K. Menke, bestselling author of the Powerful Women book series

“Don’t be put off by Cory’s resting bitch face. His writing is worth the HR risk.” -Gen Fuller, social media manager at BFG

“[Cory] possesses an unscathed, beautifully articulated confidence for his opinion, and for that, any editor should be grateful. Even if you’re looking for an eyebrow-raising story over takeout, Cory consistently leaves his company with sometimes-peculiar, but always well-executed food for thought.” -Emilie Kefalas, external communications coordinator at The Walt Disney Company

“Cory has a sharp wit and a keen eye for detail.” -Christopher Olszewski, professor at Savannah College of Art and Design

“If Annie Dillard and Twitter’s trending tweets had a baby, it went to jail, and came out a changed person, then you’d get Cory Hott’s writing. In other words: it’s pretty dope.” -Nazli Flores, writer and creator of The Grace Collective

“A good to average student.” -Joerg Schodl, professor at Savannah College of Art and Design

“Writing needs Cory like Hemingway needed alcohol.” -Ryan Barry, blogger